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A few pointers to help you...

Questions and Answers

We get thousands of enquiries each months and we just wanted to help you with your submission by offering a few Questions and Answers

I Dont know how much I want for it so make me an offer

You do know how much you want for it, after all if we come back with £1 you would soon say no.  So just put a price on like we ask for then we can send through to purchasing.  Without one we just don't respond im afraid.

I bought it last year for £1000 and want £800

Im afraid nobody will ever buy your item - remember we can buy most furniture pieces new at cost, and as the shops charge a huge profit, we could probably buy your £1000 piece BRAND NEW for approx £300.  So £800 for a second hand one is just a non starter

I have a sofa that I want £500 for - its a bargain.

Thanks but no second hand sofa at £500 is a bargain - in fact you wont sell it anywhere for that price.  Its so easy for us to say no, but wasting this opportunity to sell to someone that can pay for it and collect it for FREE is just nonsense.  We could show you hundreds of examples of peoples over inflated values, honestly we just don't understand why people do that?  Most people have tried every platform and can't sell so try us - we are the last resort otherwise you will be giving it away to charity for FREE.

I want £300 or I will just donate it

Crack on big lad - we are just not interested in dealing with people like this.

Its on Facebook for £300 so have a look on there

It will always be a no, if it were a bargain at £300 then a consumer would have bought it, or a dealer that thought it was a good buy would have or we would have bought it already (we have a Facebook buying team).  Sadly nobody thinks it's a good buy so you will end up stuck with it.  We have alerts for all selling platforms in the UK as we can buy and collect all over the UK.  If it doesnt sell on facebook within 1 to 4 days - it wont sell.  That means either nobody wants it, it's way too expensive, collecting it is a pain or it's just a naff product.

We havent advertised it anywhere yet but know we can get £400 for it.

Honestly our favourite - the lier and dreamer.  We have image recognition software which can tell us where you are selling it online.  So we get people listing on Gumtree / Facebook / Ebay for £300 and try to sell to us for £400.  Nobody wants it for £300 so we will just leave you struggling on

If you come for it tomorrow you can have it for £200

Waste of time sending it then as our collection times are clearly published.  Remember we buy thousands of items and the stream of enquiries is never ending so we have the choice.  We don't need to buy yours and we will never collect next day.

Non smoking home and no pets

As you know we will not buy furniture from smoking homes and will not buy sofas that have been used by pets.  Our courier will inspect your sofa on the day and if he smells tobacco or dogs he will walk away.  Just dont lie to us thats all we ask, you are the one that is inconvenienced not us, after all you will have been looking forward to clearing it away now you are stuck with it.

Can you come and value everything

No chance - we did in the beginning but soon realised people then advertised it themselves on facebook and blanked us, then having the cheek to come back to us when they dont sell on there to ask us to buy them!  We cover the country, we wont send anyone out, we will make a decision based on your price, picture and postcode.

An auctioneer has valued it at £500

Ok great news for you - go ahead with them then as we wouldnt be interested.  Remember you pay them a collection fee (say £60) a lotting fee (say £20) and a Comission (say 35%).  So if you sell something for £500 at auction you will come out with about £245 - oh and their smallprint will say they can sell below your reserve so you may just come out with £150-£200.  But hey - an auctioneer valued it at £500.  We have a team of buyers with specific disciplines in furniture - we know what an item is worth.  Psst - we also value for a lot of auction houses as most dont have a clue about more modern furniture - one guy valued a Corona Sideboard at £200-£400 but you can but it BRAND NEW in the box for £79 at trade - that poor person that had their expectations ruined!

You will need at least 2 man to collect

No we wont - we advertise one man, we buy based on one man, you confirm delivery as one man and we will send one man.  It is your responsibility to assist the driver just like we put very clear on our website.  No help - we just drive away

Now we may sound a tad harsh here - however it's with good reason.  You see we get every walk of life trying to sell to us - most think we are desperate for their item (we never are) and we are kind of thick to put it mildly. We have over 500 enquiries every day of the week, 52 weeks of the years from all over the country.  We dont need to faff about with time wasters, dreamers, liers and fools - we have too much choice. 

The proper sellers are people that have tried Facebook / Ebay / Gumtree and realised nobody is going to buy their stuff at the price they are advertising it for as it's simply not worth it.  They realise those markets are full of scammers, timewasters and dreamers.  Selling used furniture yourself is super hard as you do not offer nationwide delivery.  So do it the easy way with us - be realistic with price and hey presto it's gone and you are only dealing with us.

Send us your Enquiry

Just email us with Pictures, Price and Postcode and we will get back to you within 48 hours.  Hey we get hundreds upon hundreds of emails each day so make sure your price is keen, you would be surprised how many people try it on with prices they wouldn't get anywhere!

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