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Give us an idea what you're looking for but don't go daft - nobody is going to buy your used sofa for £500, seriously you're just wasting your time, you will not get that kind of money anywhere in the UK for a secondhand sofa - don't believe us?  Just come back to us when nobody has replied to your adverts on Facebook or ebay.


We wont do a thing without pictures, thats pictures of the actual product not a link to a website you bought it off 3 years ago!  The more the better and remember to show damage - the driver always checks before paying so he can check for damage, smells, fading etc so better being honest because if  you lied he will just walk away without it


Remember we pay to collect it so we need to know where you live to factor that in too.  Look at zones ABCD on as thats what we pay for.  No other buying site pays for collection like us.  All our collections are by a single driver courier so you will be helping, if thats not an option please don't use our service

Set an Asking Price: Ensure that your enquiry includes a specific price. This allows our buyers to respond promptly to the numerous enquiries we receive daily. The original purchase price of the item is not a determining factor for us. Keep in mind that if you have been unsuccessful in selling the furniture yourself, it's essential to be realistic with your pricing to secure a sale.

Items We Don't Buy: While we are interested in a wide range of second-hand furniture, there are certain items that we don't buy due to market demand and other considerations. These include:

  • Beds and Mattresses of any description

  • Reproduction Mahogany and Glass Wall Units

  • Childrens / Nursery Furniture

  • Reproduction D End Mahogany Dining Tables

  • Glass Furniture

  • Wardrobes of any description

  • Flat Pack Furniture of any description (including Argos or IKEA)

  • Jumbo Cord Sofas - you can't sell them anywhere

  • Sofas that are clearly beyond economic repair

  • Odd dining chairs and small occasional tables

  • Office Furniture

  • Sofas over £300 - you are just wasting your time as nobody is going to buy your old sofa for that kind of money

  • Non furniture items - stop sending us lights, washers, rugs, fridges, ornaments, cookers etc etc. We are strictly FURNITURE BUYERS

Coverage Areas:

Please see the coverage page on our website as it shows you where we can collect from.  Remember we are the only company in the UK that offers a FREE COLLECTION SERVICE and MONEY FOR YOUR FURNITURE so dont waste this opportunity to sell it by putting stupid prices on that you cant sell it for anywhere else.  It's very easy for us to say no, it's a pain if it's hanging round in your garage for months!

Send us your Enquiry

Just email us with Pictures, Price and Postcode and we will get back to you within 48 hours.  Hey we get hundreds upon hundreds of emails each day so make sure your price is keen, you would be surprised how many people try it on with prices they wouldn't get anywhere!

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